A medley of thoughts….because life is a little bit of this, a little of that. Bitter-sweet, restful, haunted, golden, dark . A clear singing stream and slippery moss. Happiness and loss.

Clearing out

Two weeks into the Corona virus lockdown I thought it would come as a relief to finally sort out and get rid of old papers from my University days.  The second round of University that is. After my separation, divorce... Continue Reading →

That goodbye moment

It’s upon us- the moment we say goodbye to each other. We kiss and it is soft, an eloquent farewell. My entire being is distilled into the longing I breathe upon his lips, my consciousness focused onto a pinpoint. For... Continue Reading →

Of being a Librocubicularist….and having many such related vices

It’s early morning and the light streaming in from the window warms my eyelids. I open my eyes, simply turn on my left side and look out onto the garden and street. I don’t have to get out of bed... Continue Reading →

It was an invigorating morning as I left my hotel room and made my way to the station yesterday. Chilly, but to just the right degree where a snug winter jacket, warm shoes and a muffler are about right. The... Continue Reading →

The forgotten art of letters

I ran home from school and opened the letter box, my heart pounding in anticipation. And there it was, glowing white, promisingly thick, the bold handwriting slanting to the right and covering the entire front. I didn't pick the letter... Continue Reading →

The question of love

Golde, do you love me? asks Tevye of his wife of 25 years in the film 'Fiddler on the Roof'. She pauses in the task she is doing, worried he has indigestion. "Do you love me?", he asks still and... Continue Reading →

Two rainy days

Source: Two rainy days

Two rainy days

It’s a balmy evening. A cool breeze has started up. Now raindrops follow. Soon they hammer the windshield of my car as it speeds along deep tree lined avenues that curve along the river. An exhilaration so sharp that it... Continue Reading →

Elegy for a home

Elegy for a home Out of its doors and windows, corners and pores the House breathes expelling me out Now I am left only in a few forlorn ancient brick-a-brats lovingly collected from family travels but now relegated to dark dusty... Continue Reading →

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